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Activity Information

SOCIAL HOUR:  Begins about 1/2 hour before the food is served.  You may drink (BYOB – you are not charged for liquor in the activity cost) and socialize with friends and neighbors.  Appetizers or hors d’oeuvres will be served shortly after. 
Please understand that it is only appetizers that are served, not a complete dinner.

POTLUCKS:  You are asked to bring a SALAD or ENTRÉE.  Dessert will be provided.  This is considered a dinner since an entire course is served.  It may include a Social Hour 1/2 hour before the potluck begins.  BYOB.

We must ask you to bring a dish to serve approximately 12 (for couples) or 8 (for singles).  We need 75% entrees and 25% salads – so call your reservation in early to ensure you are able to bring your choice of dish. 

Please bring the dish that you specify at the time of signup – DO NOT SUBSTITUTE.
Any person showing up with no dish or a dish that differs from the one specified when they signed up would be denied entrance.  They should return with the dish they signed up.  This is to be fair to all attending and to ensure there is sufficient food in each category.

COSTS:  Many activities are free, but some activities do require a fee. 
This is only to cover the cost of such items as listed below.  A minimum amount of people is needed for each activity to cover the costs.  If the minimum is exceeded, the extra will be used to either add something more to the activity or to increase the amounts originally planned.  No profit is ever expected.
  • Beverages – If you did not bring your own beverage, a beverage is supplied. May include: coffee, tea, lemonade, punch, etc.
  • Food – Full course dinners prepared by an outside company or at GEV.  May include:  BBQ, specialty dinners (Chinese, Italian, etc.).
  • Dessert – If the event does not include food, dessert will be provided.  May include: cake, pie, cookies, etc.
  • Entertainment – Any group or band that will enhance an activity. May include: Bands, speakers, groups, etc.
  • Paper Goods – Needed to set a table and/or to decorate.  May include: Cups, napkins, tablecloths, party decorations, etc.
The Recreation Committee will arrange the setting up of the room for activities.  They will also handle clean-up at the end of the evening. Volunteers are always welcome!